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U.S. Top 25 in Joint Replacement Ranked by Medicare
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Sports Medicine

Holy Cross Orthopedic Institute offers traditional surgery, minimally invasive and non-invasive / medical treatments of musculoskeletal injuries. Musculoskeletal injury refers to damage of muscular or skeletal systems, which is usually due to a strenuous activity. The injury of these tissues may be sudden or chronic. It may involve tendons, ligaments, cartilage or bone. In some cases, nerve damage is also involved. Sports Medicine specialists focus on the non-operative medical treatment of these injuries.

Musculoskeletal injuries include:

Bone Dislocations/Subluxations
Tendinitis / Tendinopathies / Tendon Tears
Ligamentous Injury
Cartilage Damage
Shoulder Pain
Sports Medicine Injuries, including concussion
Neck, Upper and Lower Back Pain

In addition to musculoskeletal injuries, sports medicine also treats / involves:

Brain / head injuries
Nutrition, supplements
Injury prevention
Joint Preservation
Exercise prescriptions to improve fitness
Maintaining activity for those with chronic illness (asthma, diabetes, etc.)
Strength training / conditioning
Guidance on overall healthy lifestyle
(Source: The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine)

Our sports medicine physicians in South Florida help patients maximize physical functions and minimize disabilities and time away from school, work or sports. To find a Holy Cross Medical Group sports medicine physician or orthopedic surgeon, call 866-988-3627.

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The award-winning Holy Cross Orthopedic Institute is committed to providing the highest quality of patient care to you and your loved ones. The compassionate and cutting-edge care we offer has been consistently recognized on the national level. Click to watch videos of our patients and surgeons discuss their procedures and what to expect from the Holy Cross Orthopedic Team.

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